17 weeks and a year on

7 May

Yesterday, 6th of may, was a year to the day that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a busy day: breakfast, a run in the park, followed by a trip down to uni then off to the pub to meet Nick, and finally an election night dinner at a friend’s house. I didn’t do anything special to mark it, don’t ask me why because I do not know. It was a coincidence that on my 1 year anniversary I went back to Uni for the research day of the school i belong to. This day takes place once a year and it is a chance for everyone to get together and find out about the research that each department is doing. Consequently, I saw lots of people who I had not seen since being diagnosed and others who I may have seen once or twice in the past year. So, as you may expect, there was a lot of “how are you? where are you with treatment? are you back at uni now? how is your phd? lovely to see you again!you are looking well!I like your hair, it suits you” etc. etc. etc. Which was all fine. Until i got to the pub and Nick left me outside to go and get drinks. It was then when it got to me. “It”  being an unexplainable, intangible and overwhelming  feeling, a sudden urge to cry. Which I did.

And back to hair. Ok, this week 2 things: I am late with the pics and I am wearing a bit of eyeliner, which goes against the rules. Oh well, I hope that you forgive me ;-). Oh and 2 more things!  I burned my scalp on the beach when I went to Oscar’s wedding and I am now peeling, so the flakes you see in the photo is not dandruff. Number 2: i now have a tanned scalp…weird.

The white flakes are not dandruff but a peeling scalp post-sunburn...

Can you see my tanned scalp?

See you next week!!

3 Responses to “17 weeks and a year on”

  1. Kelly Valovich May 8, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    Remember, it is okay to cry. Sometimes you just have to. Unfortunately, it is the AWFUL reality of our disease.
    I am at week 4 after chemo and I am freaking out because it is taking so long to see hair. I just want my hair back. Thanks for the pics!!!!!!!

    • rosaslump May 9, 2010 at 11:53 pm #

      Be patient! I know it’s easy to say, but you know I have been there!! Trust me, when the hair comes back you’ll be so happy that you’ll forget the pain of being bald. Thanks for your lovely comments 🙂


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