Week 18

14 May

And the hair conversations keep on rolling in. This sunday just gone I caught the eye of yet another barber in my neighbourhood:

“Daaaarling! if you ever want nice haircut  come to my shop! I do nice haircut for you”

“Ok thank you!!”

” We are open Sundays too”

Then there was the woman with short hair, not as short as mine though, in Superdrug, who was shopping for acne products with her teenage daughter. I know, why was I in the same aisle?  I may not be a teenager, but my skin thinks I am. I suspect it’s due to the herceptin.

“I love your hair”

“Oh, thanks…erm, it’s very practical. Yours it’s nice too”

“I used to have hair like yours…but as you get older you can’t get away with it so short”


“You need the face to carry it off…”


And last but not least, a scenario that I suspect is a classic interaction in the world of hair growth after chemo. So you’ve been away from work/studying/social life/book group/gym (add or delete as appropriate) and after your treatment you go back…sporting your new cropped hair. You bump into someone you haven’t seen for a while and that you don’t know very well. And this is how it goes:

“Oh, new haircut!”

“Erm, yeeeees…”

“So when did that happen?”

“Eeeerm…a while back…so how are you John?”

I could have told him about it, as many people in the department know. But you know what? I couldn’t be bothered, because it would have been the 5th person that I’d spoken to about my cancer and its treatment. And as time goes on I progressively feel further away from breast cancer and closer to my ordinary life, which includes getting on with my phd! and it is a lovely feeling.

This week’s photos.  They are self portraits as Nick wasn’t around,

See you next week for more hair growth photos and stories!

3 Responses to “Week 18”

  1. The Photodiarist May 28, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    Wow!! It’s so full and dark! You look great.


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