Week 28

23 Jul

Greetings from Barcelona!!! I moved here last Wednesday and thus the delay in the blog post. Today I went to what will be my hospital from now on, but the doctor wasn’t there.  I just left my medical report there and then I have to go back on Tuesday.  It will be quite a ig change for me to talk about medical related issues in my mother tongues, catalan and castilian. It’s been so long since I lived here, 13 years,  that I do find it a little difficult sometimes to fluently and clearly express myself. Sure I will pick it up quickly! At the moment I feel very positive about the cancer, and I think it will never come back. not that I have a reason to feel that way, but I’d rather think like this that life my live scared of it coming back. My philosophy is that I want to enjoy my health while I have it, and if it ever comes back then I’ll deal with it. What’s the point in wasting my time worrying about something that may never happen again? cancer has already taken a year of my life, I’m not gonna let it take any more. Because it was exactly a year ago that I was going to move back home! and it was the cancer what delayed my plans. I am finally here, starting a new life and it feels exciting!

In this week’s photos a have a little companion with me…my little brother (yes brother, not nephew) Adam, who is one of the reason for which I decided to come back home. He is extremely cute and funny and I love him beyond words! Oh back to the hair, it is growing very fast now…getting wavier by the day! and more unruly…

2 Responses to “Week 28”

  1. Kelly Valovich July 23, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    Welcome back home! Your brother is too cute! Now your hair just looks like a short hair cut. Do you like the curl? I am just starting to get a curl in my hair. I have mixed feeling about it. Well, I am just glad to have hair. Still having the hair dreams.

    • rosaslump August 4, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

      He is very cute indeed!! yes, it finally looks like a short crop. I don’t mind the curl, but I want it to get longer so I can straighten it and change styles a bit…too short to do anything with it! but just like you, I’m happy to have hair full stop. I had a hair dream recently, I had very long and straight hair!

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