Weeks 31 and 33

30 Aug

What happened to week 32? did it disappear into a black hole? or did  I just happen not to have my camera around and forgot that I now have a 3.2 mega pixel camera on my phone?  So no photos for week 32 I’m afraid. But I have a surprise in store for you. Just watch this space!

The good thing about having skipped a week is that you can appreciate the hair growth even more. And oh my, it is growing very curly! I am starting to enjoy my hair, as its length allows me to play with it a bit. My lovely mate Lydia gave me some little travel straighteners, so watch out for a straight hair post soon. Then I can also make it curly, with hair mousse and a hairdryer. Or wavy, by applying some product and combing it to the side. Voila!

So in week 31 I was still at my grandparents. I took a photo with a headband…I don’t go out with it, while actually I did last week when I went for a run…

Then on week 33 I am back in the great city of Barcelona, in the neighbourhood of Poble Nou to be exact. I am flat and cat sitting while my mates are holidaying in Japan. So I’ll be here for a couple of weeks! it is a great neighbourhood and the flat is 5 minutes away from the beach.

Initially when I moved back home there were less reminders of the cancer. For instance I didn’t see the number 56 bus that took me to the hospital to do my chemo, radiotherapy and other check ups. I didn’t see the sofa that saw me lay there totally sick . Or the fan that was constantly on for 3 days to alleviate the hot flushes that the chemotherapy drugs were giving me. But you may have noticed that I’ve said initially. This has indeed changed.

For instance when I went back to my mum’s and I was sitting in the kitchen I thought of the time when I found my lump, as it happened there. Or being on the beach, it reminds me of my last holiday back home,  when I took a break between my op and chemo. It reminds me of a time when I knew my life was about to radically change due to the treatment and I was making the most of my health before it was taken away from me. So the other day I found myself shedding a tear on the beach, thinking back on that time. I have also been crying when sitting here in the flat alone. In a sense it feels like I am looking at last year from an outsiders perspective, which I may have told you about before. I look at last year as if I’m watching a film and I feel very sad for the character, which is me. I feel sorry for what happened to myself. I feel sorry that I had to go through what I did and be strong. And as happy as I am to still be here I am still dealing with the sadness and toughness of it all.

Week 33…oh by the way, my mates, whose flat I am staying at,  make the most amazing recycled bags and fixed gear accessories. Check them out! they are called pinzat.

See how curly it is? see you in a few days for week 34!

4 Responses to “Weeks 31 and 33”

  1. oscar August 31, 2010 at 6:23 am #

    WOW! Fantastica la evolucion! Me encanta!

  2. Kelly Valovich September 6, 2010 at 9:15 pm #

    WOW! It is curly! It grew so much in two weeks!!!!

  3. Lynn February 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    You look amazing. I am an ovarian cancer survivor 6 months post chemo. I am 65, and my hair is not as thick as yours at all, but like you , am glad to have it. Mine used to be stick straight and now is a little wayy on top. I expecially appreciate your remarks about reflecting on you before cancer and your sadness. I am experiencing that too, and I feel like everyone expects me to be so happy because I am “well” now. Cancer is not like that, you are always looking over your shoulder. I just had blood work,and CT scans, and got a good report, but still don’t feel really normal. I wonder if this goes away. I am grateful for your pictures, it gives me hope, though my hair will never be like yours. After six months I thought I would have more hair, but it is coming along, Thanks for your posts.

    • rosaslump April 8, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

      Hi Lynn! I can only talk from my experience (of course), and I have to say that the fear and sadness have not gone away completely, but with time they are much less present in my life. They fade away but occasionally return. From time to time I get “flashbacks” to moments and instances. For example, today i was thinking about a good friend of mine, and suddently I was transported to one time shortly after my diagnosis. And I cried. This had not happened for quite a while. And it often happens at the most unexpected time! Oh and i found the hair growth much slower than I thought! so be patient! x

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