Weeks 34 and 35

11 Sep

I’m blogging from a train. Never publicly blogged before, I’ve always done it in the privacy of my own home. But I am trying to use my time efficiently and thought I’d use the journey back to Barcelona to write a new post. I am on my way back from hospital, have been for another dose of herceptin. Although it has no side effects, I am starting to be a little fed up with the treatment. It really dictates my flow of life, specially now that I have become a sort of nomad. every 3 weeks I have to be around for tests and treatments and hospital visits and the like. But that is the thing with cancer, or at least with mine! even though the BIG part of your treatment is over, there is always what I would call the “leftovers”, all those bits and bobs that, although essential to your well-being, are a little annoying. They are in a way a reminder that you once had cancer. They are a reminder of the fragility of life and that “professionals” are doing their best to keep you here.

However, there is one good thing about the hospital visits and that is the chance to meet people! Last time I went I met the sweetest older man,  who told me his life story (he’s had cancer for 10 years, when he was young had water in one lung then he had hepatitis…his mum had schizophrenia “but never hurt anybody”). What was peculiar is that he kept a smile all throughout, yet at times there were tears running down this cheeks. Then today my aunt (who lives in the town where I am having treatment), came along with a friend who also had BC. We go talking and soon after a lady next to us joined in as a well as one across the room. As my aunt and her friend left  (in this hospital, unlike in my london one, visitors are not really allowed to stay long) the conversation between the 3 of us left. And, unsurprisingly, there was a lot of talk about hair!!! it is such a vital aspect of the cancer journey. Both women were bald, as they were still doing chemo. They asked how long it’d been since I finished and when I said “6th of january” one of them looked shocked!!!! I think she was expecting that 9 months on, hair would be much longer. But, as I said, my hair may be growing slower than other women’s. For example, you can check out Karin Stack’s hair project as she also took photos of her hair growth after chemo on a weekly basis. So I do not want people to take this as an exact representation of how hair grows after chemo. It is my story, but it may not be yours! so don’t be disheartened if you think my hair is still very short. Yours may grow much quicker!

Also, I am thinking about having a haircut, to give it some shape. There are differing opinions, with 2 hairdressers saying it’s too short to get it cut. Maybe I’ll wait a couple of weeks. I just want some shape. And I may wanna keep it on the short side for a while. It feels comfortable and I’m getting lots of compliments 🙂 .

Shall we move on to the photos? here week 34… still at my friends’ flat in Barcelona. It was my last night there yesterday. Next set of photos will be taken in Morocco!! I will be going there next week, to visit my dad and his family.

I straightened my hair, but had slept on it so it looks a bit funny. I have bed hair, I guess. Something I hadn't had for quite a while.

Week 35…check out my 1 euro dress!!!! hehehe…couldn’t resis buying it. I feel like a Hawaiian housewife when I wear it. I do not plan to wear outside, so it will be my stay home outfit…

One Response to “Weeks 34 and 35”

  1. Kelly Valovich October 30, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Love your story and love the dress. It is very popular here in the states!!

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