4 Jun

The Fuck Cancer facebook page was asking today on people´s first thoughts when they were diagnosed with cancer, which brought me to this post! it has rained so much since…

The stories of Rosa and her lump *What life turns out to be when you have to pencil in breast cancer*

I had to wait a couple of weeks for my results, which was fine with me, because I was going to be ok, right? I had just turned 30, so the possibility of BC seemed so small that I didn’t entertain it. My appointment was at 13:50 on a wednesday, and a few days before I got a message “This is the mammography department, you have an appointment qt 13:30 on wednesday”. “At half one? but in the letter it says at ten to two?” I thought to myself  “must be a mistake”. I forgot about it but the day before I thought that I’d better check what this time business was., so I rang the hospital/”Oh I have to come in for a mammography as well as for results??!?!?!?”. I then knew something wasn’t right.

In times like this google is your best friend, and your worst enemy as…

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  1. Kerri Lafford June 12, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    I am currently 13 after my last chemo. Been watching your hair growth. Got so many questions about what next etc. I see you are on herceptin so must be her2++. Me too, but cant have herceptin as it’s too expensive. 😦 just wanted to find someone who knew what I’m going thru.

    • rosaslump August 26, 2012 at 11:14 am #

      Hi Kerri,
      I know what you are going through…what next? who knows! I try live each days as it comes, but with hope that the future will bring nice things. Hope you are doing well xx

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